Chisanga Chisanga

15 October 1996

About Candidate

I am Chisanga Chisanga, a highly skilled and dedicated accounting professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Copperbelt University. This comprehensive four-year program has provided me with a solid foundation in key accounting principles and practices. The curriculum covered a wide range of essential courses including Marketing, Statistics, Operations Research, Auditing, and Financial Reporting, among others.

In my previous roles as an Accounts Assistant, I have gained extensive experience in managing various aspects of payroll, including the accurate preparation and submission of income tax, NHIMA, and NAPSA returns. This experience has honed my ability to handle financial data with a high degree of precision and compliance.

I am proficient in using Microsoft Office and Excel, skills that I have utilized extensively to streamline accounting processes and enhance efficiency. My ability to analyze financial data, coupled with strong organizational skills, allows me to manage multiple tasks effectively while maintaining a keen eye for detail.

I am known for being proactive and diligent, committed to continuous improvement and excellence in the field of accounting. My passion for finance and accounting drives me to solve complex problems and support business goals effectively.

My educational background, combined with practical experience and technical skills, makes me a valuable asset to any accounting team. I am eager to contribute to organizational success and look forward to leveraging my expertise to benefit future employers.