Katambweni Nyiongo

Fleet Manage
15 October 1971

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Fleet Controller 04/10/23 - Current Position
ICAP Global Health

1. Oversee assigned vehicle operations and make direct reports on their performance 2. Conduct analysis of vehicle status and make recommendations for timely replacement 3. Researching vehicle parts availability 4. Supervise and undertake the timely repair and servicing of damaged vehicles 5. Ensure that preventive maintenance programs are carried out per schedule and monitor post repair performance 6. Oversee proper use of vehicle rations 7. Ensure that office equipment is maintained and repaired should need arise 8. Ensure logistical ground safety for ICAP teams

Transport and Logistics Consultant May 2022 - October 2023
Self Employed

 1. Making sure vehicles are properly maintained.  2. Inspecting vehicles.  3. Arranging repairs and routine maintenance.  4. Ensuring that all drivers and operators have the correct, up to date qualifications.  5. Reducing the risk of vehicle overloading.  6. Maintaining and completing accurate records.  7. Evaluating logistical processes to identify strengths and weaknesses.  8. Analysing supply chain data and assessing risks.  9. Developing cost-effective solutions and interventions to optimize logistical efficiency.  10. Presenting improvement plans to senior managers for approval.  11. Conveying improvement strategies to individual managers, employees, and departments, as well as facilitating training sessions.  12. Overseeing the implementation of improvement plans, as well as providing guidance and support.  13. Optimizing communication channels with customers, vendors, and suppliers

Administrative Manager - Fleet and Logistics May 2014 - May 2022
Catholic Relief Services

1. Manage contract for regular servicing and maintenance of vehicles and equipment 2. Manage the rental/lease agreements of properties 3. Ensure adequate security for offices and International Staff residences 4. Manage maintenance of properties both office and residential 5. Prepare transport plans in collaboration with Stores/Warehouse personnel for the delivery of commodities to sub offices 6. Prepare monthly reports for distribution and non-distribution goods 7. Develop and update transport plans and vehicle acquisition/disposal 8. Supervise drivers 9. Fuel Management 10.Vehicle lease agreement management 11. Vehicle replacement planning 12.Distribution planning of distribution goods to sub offices 13.Preparing Bid Analysis for supplier registration 14.Manage procurement of Office goods and services 15. Manage vehicle files to ensure that each vehicle has accurate data on file such as vehicle agreements, police reports and licensing 16. Complete monthly vehicle usage reports; this provides management with some insight on how fleet is performing. 17. Manage vehicle management systems to ensure that data collected can be analysed for decision making purposes. 18. Generate vehicle tracking reports (From Smartrack System) to analyse incidences of over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering etc 19. Manage vehicle insurance and will ensure that all vehicles and licensed and have appropriate licensing as per policy and statutory requirements. 20. Provide necessary coaching to drivers to ensure that drivers are up to date with best practices in industry. 21. Assist drivers develop their Personal Development Plans 22. Ensure that drivers achieve organizational KPIs 23. Maintain and update fixed asset register 24. Carry out security assessment for international staff housing 25. Carry out vehicle policy compliance training for organization partners 26.Provided all drivers with pertinent safety materials regarding rules and regulations 27. Conduct defensive driving training for CRS drivers as well as partner drivers. 28. Assist partners to develop vehicle usage manual


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