Lovemore Mupeta

Business Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Public Administration
31 March 1995

About Candidate

Bachelor’s Degree in Demography and a minor in Public Administration



Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Zambia, 2020
Demography (Specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation) and Public Administration
Currently Doing my Post Graduate Diploma 2023
Monitoring and evaluation at the University of Zambia.

Work & Experience

Business Officer 2023, June 22
AB Bank Zambia

Client Relationship Management: building relationships to understand their financial needs and provide appropriate banking solutions. Business Development: Identifying new business opportunities and working to expand the bank's customer base. Loan and Credit Management: Evaluating loan applications, assessing creditworthiness, and making recommendations regarding loan approvals. Financial Analysis: Analyzing financial statements and documents to evaluate the financial health of potential and existing clients. This analysis helps in making informed lending and investment decisions.

District Agricultural Committee Member| Farmer’s Input Support program by the Ministry of Agriculture 12, Novermber, 2022 - December 2022
Ministry of Agriculture

District Agricultural Committee, particularly focusing on the evaluation of farming blocks in the Lusaka district and designing agricultural programs. Our responsibility include addressing global warming concerns, planning for the distribution of farming inputs, and developing a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) framework for the department. Additionally, with involvement in the Community Development Fund (CDF) to ensure its effectiveness in agricultural empowerment. Monitoring farmers' activities is also a crucial aspect. The following activities were lineup:  Assessing and evaluating farming blocks in the Lusaka district.  Likely involves analyzing the current state of agricultural practices, identifying challenges, and proposing solutions.  Creating programs that address the dual objectives of saving land for global warming concerns and ensuring sufficient land remains for farming in the district.  Developing strategies that align with sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.  Developing a comprehensive monitoring framework for the agricultural department.  Establishing key performance indicators and metrics to assess the success of agricultural programs and interventions.  Designing the current planning process for the distribution of farming inputs.  Ensuring an efficient and equitable distribution system that meets the needs of farmers in the district.  Designing Monitoring and Evaluation plans for CDF's initiatives in agricultural empowerment.  Collaborating with CDF to integrate effective agriculture planning and evaluating the impact of CDF on the farming sector.  Regularly monitoring and assessing the activities of farmers in the district.  This may involve field visits, data collection, and feedback mechanisms to understand the challenges and successes of farmers.

Local Area Planning Facilitator, M&E officer, and Data Collection Supervisor for Community Development (this program is Under GIZ Sponsorship) 21 January 2022 - 30th November 2022
Lusaka city Council

This program was designed to address various community challenges under the themes of Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (DWASH), Education, and Sanitation. Here's a breakdown of the key components of the program:  Involvement of the Community Development Fund (CDF) in civic matters for Water Development Committees (WDC) and community facilitators for Constituency Development Fund processes.  Focus on capacity building, process management, and budget tracking for effective community development initiatives.  Designing and implementing digital literacy orientation programs to enhance the understanding of CDF policies and foster policy literacy within the community.  Empowering community members with the necessary skills to engage with digital tools for better participation in development processes.  Creating awareness programs to educate the local community about industrial wastewater management.  Addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable practices for managing industrial waste within the community.  Creating awareness programs to educate the local community about industrial wastewater management.  Addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable practices for managing industrial waste within the community.  Collaborating with external partners, such as GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), and securing funding from International Aid for Rural Development to support the implementation of the program.  Creating a robust framework that aligns with international standards and best practices in rural development.

Supervisor and Acting Project Manager for 5months 08, January 2021 - January 2021
Intersystem Connection

Intersystem is a Construction Company specializing in conducting various construction-related activities. I was in charge of the operations and day-to-day work performance of the workers.  Supervise and Manager of 16 workers.  I was also acting as a Human Resources for the Company  Petty-cash reconciliation was under my Desk and Wages of all Workers  Helping and solving Employees’ issues and disputes  Monitor all company activities and ensure compliance with company procedures and policies  I was Recruiting, and training employees to achieve and maintain a designed staffing pattern


Project Management
Program Evaluation
Microsoft Office suite
Research and data collection tools
Office Management and Administration