Digital Marketer – Shivay Technologies

1 week ago

Job Description


We are looking for a Highly Creative & Engaging Digital Marketer an individual who can grow & scale Shivay Technologies online presence to new heights in reach & engagement to our brand via social media platforms, engaging video/reel creation, graphic designing, product showcase/knowledge videos google, Social Media & Google advertising, manage & help the company in necessary offline marketing for ex billboards, banners, Word-of-Mouth Marketing etc


Develop and execute a social media strategy.
Create high engaging content for social media and other online platforms.
Grow & Scale Shivay Technologies Social Media Pages/Accounts via Posts, Getting Page Likes/Followers, Making high engaging followers/customers plan and manage digital advertising campaigns.
Support offline marketing efforts such as billboard ads and banners.
Implement strategies to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.
Analyze marketing performance and provide insights.
Stay updated on industry trends and innovations.
Collaborate with internal teams and
Showcase Company IT Products, Product Knowledge & Facts in a Creative & Engageable Manner
Foster brand advocacy and community engagement.
Manage multiple projects and meet deadlines effectively.
Create & Showcase Ads to
Generate High Quality Leads & Sales from Marketing Organically & Ad Spend


2 or more years of Online & Offline Branding/Marketing Job Experience.

Fluent In English, Nyanja, Bemba.

Good experience in creating & editing graphic designs & video reels

Experienced in Running & Getting Results from Social Media & Google Ads

Proven Marketing & Branding Results and also Return On Investment from previous Company