Logistics Officer – Yalelo Limited

1 week ago

Job Description

The Logistics Officer plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful operation of the Yalelo Lake operations by effectively managing lake logistics activities, maintaining fish health, ensuring safety, and promoting a collaborative environment within the team. This role requires a combination of leadership, technical expertise, and organizational skills to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of daily operations.

Duties and responsibilities:

1. Supervision and Coordination:

  • Oversee and supervise the Coxswains and Mortality Collectors
  • Ensure efficient coordination and collaboration among team members.

2.      Boats and Vessels Operations:

  • Plan and organize daily operations of boats and vessels for various tasks, such as feeding, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • Assign specific tasks and boats to coxswains based on operational requirements.

3.      Fish Mortality Management:

  • Ensure that fish mortalities are collected and recorded daily to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

4.      Boat Maintenance:

  • Ensure that all boats and vessels are serviced, repaired, and maintained on time to prevent breakdowns during operations.

5. Safety and Compliance:

  • Implement and enforce safety protocols for boat operations to minimize risks to personnel, fish, and equipment.
  • Ensure that all boats have the necessary safety equipment, guards, and labels as per regulations.

6. Pre-Operation Checks:

  • Supervise the completion of pre-operation checklists to confirm that boats are in proper working condition before deployment.

7. Problem Reporting:

  • Identify and report any problems, damages, or incidents to higher management for prompt resolution.


  • A diploma or better in Operations, transport, logistics, or a related field is required.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in logistics.
  • Must be a good coordinator and planner.
  • Mechanical knowledge and experience in maintenance works on water vessels are a plus
  • Boat experience or ability to captain a big boat would be an advantage but not a requirement.

Email Address: careers@yalelo.com and cc: yaleloproductionhr@yalelo.com

Note: Apply by attaching One Document which should have your cover letter, CV, Relevant qualification, Grade 12, NRC, Essential Certificates and any other qualifications that may be relevant to this role